A tribute to the Boxer, my first love.

I have always loved animals and growing up in a rural area, we had lots of them. Both neighbors had horses, cows, chickens and, of course, we also had plenty of farm cats. A few farms away, there was a horse farm and a Beagle breeder so we always had a few escaped animals to play with and return. We also had several family dogs from Dalmatians to a German Shepard, all who were very special to me.

When I was in collage my family dog passed away and a boyfriend at the time decided it would be a good idea to gift me a dog. I was living in the dorms so I couldn't keep a dog, but one look at this little fawn Boxer puppy, life would never be the same. I asked my parents to keep him until I was done with the semester, then would look for an apartment. They agreed, but the condition was I had to come home every weekend and also buy him an outdoor dog house, as all of our family dogs were outdoor dogs. My mom didn't grow up with animals and she didn't want any in the house, but that all changed when she met Brutus.

Brutus was so special, I couldn't describe it when it was happening, but it was like this dog possessed human-like qualities. My brothers treated him like he was this fun nephew, my parents treated him like a grandchild. Brutus was often sent to stay with family members who had surgery or an injury because he was so loving and an amazing companion, around-the-clock nurse. He was so loving to us, but anyone that wasn't family or friends, he was fiercely protective. Over the years I've met other Boxer owners and just about all of them feel the same about their Boxer. There's something special about all dogs, but for me, the Boxer is it.

After Brutus passed, I thought my world was over, I didn't know how I'd ever love another. Then, Zeus came along. Completely different Boxer, but the same fundamentals of what I like to call a Boxer child. He loved everyone and always made me smile. We went everywhere together and was my outdoor sidekick. So loving, so fun, they are such clowns, playing and running until their last day. I was lucky to have Zeus for 14 years, but it was still excruciating loosing my boy. I know one day I will have another - I believe dogs find us so this is a note to the universe. If your listening universe, tell my next Boxer I'm ready whenever they are....



Here are some fun videos and boxer sites, places I visit almost daily to get my Boxer fix:

My Favorite Boxer Breeder


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